Micro Series 1 : Netflix — Increase playback speed :

Not so Recently Netflix had introduced the “Increase Playback speed” Feature. Lets talk about that :D

What is it?

This option allows users, fast forward or play movies/series in slow motion.

Is it a Netflix innovation?

No. Youtube, had long back introduced this feature and with the advent of Youtube Movies as one of the indirect competitors for Netflix, the addition of this feature doesn’t come as a surprise :)

Is it really necessary?

Earlier we used to fix a time for watching movies @ theatres ,which by itself an institution devoid of all disturbances/distractions from home and work. but with the coming of the WFH (WatchFromHome) era, people at home do not necessarily have the same luxury and time, that they previously had in theatres .Hence the movie watching experience has to evolve along with it.

Example — Mothers (Kids / Work or both) — often have only a limited period of time and they do actually cannot devote all of it to just watch the protagonist walk /sleep/wake/eat/sleep again( which is a major part of movies like Insidious and 96 movie ). Rather than having to skip parts of it and miss our important scenes, the increase playback features comes in handy here

Another example is when a movie with amazing songs and great story line , is stretched beyond what should have been a short film, i think we need this feature definitely!

There is also another group who would want to slow down and watch certain scenes . The movie analyst/meme creators/reviewers/trolls, who wanna observe the reactions of the actors and find blunders like the starbucks in GOT and so on.

Overall, i really do love this feature , but wat do u guys think :) Share your thoughts.



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Once upon a Product...

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