Micro Series 6 : Prime Video — shuffle episodes

Gopinath Sivaguru
2 min readFeb 22, 2021


PrimeVideo, introduced a rather curious feature , which till now was only present in Music applications.Lets talk about that :D

What is it ?

Do u remember the times, we want to just shuffle the songs in our playlist, and let fate(algorithm) choose the song ! Similarly PrimeVideo has introduced this option of playing any random episode from the season chosen by us.

The forthcoming episodes keep shuffling , until the user chooses to exit and start from beginning

How is it ?

The feature actually works well in 3 scenarios :

Scenario 1: User is new to a series and wants to watch any random episode to judge if it is worth binging

Scenario 2: User has already seen all of the seasons and is aware of the story and timeline , and wants to randomly watch any episode .

Scenario 3: Series like “Young Sheldon” can be watched afresh from any episode , bcoz it is not a series, based on continuity of previous episodes.

For Features like this, although the KPI’s need to measured over a period of time, on how many users actually use the option or are aware of it, i feel it does eliminate a certain confusion that is always prevalent in a humans decision on what to choose ! :) Have you explored it yet ?