Micro Series 5 : Telegram -People nearby

Although not a new feature update, i have been exploring this “ People & Groups Nearby“ feature in Telegram and found it really interesting. Lets talk about that :D

What is it ?

So basically, Telegram with the access of our GPS location, shows fellow telegram users located within a 2km radius and also allows us to connect with them.Users profile will not be visible to others , unless they opt to Make themselves Visible to other users.

We can also create any group to attract people of similar interests living nearby, or join any pre-existing groups in the neighbourhood

Is it a new innovation ?

Imo also has a similar feature .But Telegrams feature is much more organised with lot more clarity .

Safety concerns ?

There are options to block any user (known / unknown) .

No one can be added to a nearby group without the users prior permission.

Users can report any inappropriate group and block it too .



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Once upon a Product...

Once upon a Product...

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