Micro Series 4 : Telegram — Saved Messages feature

Telegram is nothing like Whatsapp.. its much better !! One of the many features i loved in this app is the “Saved Messages" feature.. lets us discuss about it.

What is it

This feature allows the user to save important messages from his individual and group conversations.

The Highlight is ,when the user clicks on a saved messaged he is redirected to the source location of the message .

Is it a Telegram innovation?

Yes it is.

How is it different from Whatsapp' archive feature?

Archive allows us to save the entire chat conversation rather than individual messages . There is no option to save any individual msg , rather we just screenshot it and again it becomes a tedious process locating it !

I think Telegrams doing innovations , that many are wanting for in whatsapp. lets see another superb featured in the next post !



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Once upon a Product...

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