Micro Series 3 : GooglePay — Self Transfer

Gopinath Sivaguru
1 min readFeb 22, 2021


Well. almost all of us are well aware of GPay. It has certainly reduced the burden of weight in our wallets. From Shops to Friends ,Money transfer to Bank accounts and paying bills was never as easy as it is now !To add to its cap very recently Gpay has introduced a new feature “ Self Transfer”. Lets talk about it.

What is it ?

Till few weeks back, GPay allowed us to trasnfer money to any bank account, from ours. This update allows us to transfer money between our Gpay registered bank accounts easily.

Is it necessary ?

Absolutely Yes. Since GPay became the default option for ppl like me to check account balance and transfer money , i faced this issue when i wanted to self transfer, esp in situations where there was a cheque that needed to be cashed or EMI to be debited to my other account, which was then not an option.

I love this feature and think it was long overdue for hardcore Gpay users like me. Wat do you guys think ? do u like it ? do post ur opinions :)