Micro Series 2 : Instagram — Shuffle suggestions

Gopinath Sivaguru
2 min readFeb 22, 2021


Not very Recently Insta launched a very interesting feature, that brings suggestions to stories. Lets talk about that :D

What is it ?

Users will be able to see follower suggestions in the stories section.Three suggestions will be shown everytime and it can be shuffled to show new suggestions.

Users will be able to perform the following actions :

> Follow the connection

> Undo follow, in the same page

> Click and view the profile of the user and come back to follow or shuffle.

Is it a new innovation.


How is it different from other social media ?

Facebook allows users to explore new suggestions too, but not in its status, rather in the Friends section. Whereas Twitter allows to explore users under “ Whom to follow” section.

Is it necessary ?

Its absolutely an amazing feature. Everyday we add new contacts (acquittances / colleagues , people whomw e crush on etc. )We might not willingly go and search for their names and its not like all accounts have a first/last name as in fb or sometimes we might actually forget adding new connections , as the feed is often bombarded with posts of influencers and media celebs.So this way of automatic contact syncing or mutual friend suggestion, actually helps keeping the friends connections keep going.

Does it affect the “Stories” experience ?

Nope. After checking multiple times, i have found out, the ‘Shuffle Suggestions’ is not shown everytime the users checks their stories. The first time i open insta in a day, thats the time i see it. Everytime after that i am not able to see the feature. I think it is still in a stage where the PM’s are probably studying the impact :) So we have to wait and see how it turns out :D DO you guys like the feature ? Do post your comments